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Dear CBS Friends and Family,

The recent decline in new COVID cases has enabled us to enjoy being together again to pray as a community.  As you know, however, the last two weeks have brought an increase in new COVID cases throughout the country, including here in Pinellas County.  We have even heard anecdotal reports of fully vaccinated people coming down with the virus.

Our Task Force’s medical advisor, Dr. Eric Steckler, consults regularly with an infectious disease specialist, and advises that a small number of infections among the fully vaccinated is to be expected, though the vast majority of those have mild or no symptoms. 

We continue to believe that, whether or not you have been fully vaccinated, you should make your own choices as to which activities you feel safe participating in.  Based on Dr. Steckler’s input, we are confirming our previous guidance.

If you have not been fully vaccinated:

We recommend that you wear a face mask when you are at CBS, for your own protection and for the protection of those around you.

If you have been fully vaccinated:

Your risk is reduced, but you may still feel more comfortable wearing a mask.  Please consider wearing a mask for your own protection if you are over age 80, or your immune system is compromised, or you have a chronic medical condition.

If you have COVID, or have been around someone with COVID in the last 10 days:

Please help us keep CBS a safe space for all by participating in programs and services via Livestream and/or Zoom until you have completed a 10 day period of self-quarantine (7 days if you are fully vaccinated) and remain symptom free.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We have been successful in navigating these tough times and will continue to monitor developments with the pandemic. 

CBS Re-Entry Task Force

Keeping our congregational community informed and
connected is one of our top priorities. Please check this page frequently to stay current on plans, process, and protocols. 
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
The CBS Re-Entry Task Force is meeting regularly to plan for when and how to re-open CBS, through a phased-in capacity.
Updates from the Task Force are emailed out periodically.
Additional communication plans include robocall messages, video messages and personal phone calls.
The CBS Re-Entry Task Force can be reached by email at:


Guide Book: The Road to Re-Opening

The CBS Re-Entry Task Force has created a multi-section Guide Book on safely resuming activities at CBS. Click each link below to access the various sections of the Guide Book as well as the CBS Attendance Policy and Acknowledgement and Waiver.



The Re-Entry Task Force is working to identify expenses related to reopening CBS for services, events, learning, and activities. 
Your donation to the "Re-Opening Fund" will be used to help defray expenses related to cleaning, signage, protective equipment...

Thank you for your continued support of Congregation Beth Shalom.


Mon, September 20 2021 14 Tishrei 5782