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Keeping our congregational community informed and connected is one of our top priorities.
Please check this page often to stay current on plans, process, and protocols.
  • The CBS Re-Entry Task Force is meeting weekly to plan for when and how to re-open CBS, through a phased-in capacity.
  • Updates from the Task Force are emailed out on Fridays.
  • Additional communication plans include robo-call messages, video messages and personal phone calls
The CBS Re-Entry Task Force can be reached by email at
Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Why do I have to pre-register?
Knowing how many to expect helps us with our planning.  Remember, we are new at this and are learning as we go.  
Why is a waiver required?
The waiver is your acknowledgement that (1) you are aware of the CBS protocols regarding attendance at CBS events and agree to follow them and (2) you agree that you attend CBS activities at your own risk. 
⇒ Do I have to sign a waiver for every event?
No.  Once you sign the Acknowledgement and Waiver, it will remain in effect indefinitely and you will not have to sign it again for other events. 
⇒ Why do I have to wear a mask outdoors?
Although the risk of contracting COVID is reduced outdoors, masks are still recommended for outdoor gatherings.  
⇒ Why is social distancing required outdoors?
Scientists believe that better air circulation outdoors reduces the likelihood of catching COVID-19.  However, decreasing the distance increases the risk.  Most recommend a distance of at least six feet, even with a mask. 
⇒ Why can’t I pick my own parking space? 
Parking as directed by our security team will enable us to maximize our use of the available spaces.
⇒ Can I tailgate with my friends?
Please don’t, even if you and they regularly come into close contact at home.  Others might not understand. Please help us by being a dugma, a positive role model. 
⇒ What if I have to use the restroom?
Our security team will assist you with getting into and out of the building.  Please follow their instructions. 
⇒ Will prayer books be available?
Yes.  Or you can bring your own.  


Guide - On the Road to Re-Opening

The CBS Re-Entry Task Force has been putting together a multi-section Guide Book on safely resuming activities here at CBS.
This area will be updated as each new section is prepared.




The Re-Entry Task Force is working to identify the expenses we may have
related to reopening CBS for services, events, learning and activities. 
Your donation to the "Re-Opening Fund" will be used to help defray expenses related to cleaning, signage, protective equipment...

Thank you for your continued support of Congregation Beth Shalom.


Tue, September 22 2020 4 Tishrei 5781