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See below, a comprehensive list of resources, organizations and institutions that need support.

GoFundMe for Jared White, son of Karen Eisler and Michael White,  Master Sergeant in the IDF Paratroopers Reserve who is raising funds to purchase necessary supplies for IDF soldiers.

Click Here to learn more about and to donate to the NA'AMAT Emergency Fund currently working to aid Israeli citizens who have been displaced due to the war. 

International Jewish Organizations 

  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee* – This leading Jewish humanitarian organization has activated their emergency response team and JDC RespondsEmergency in Israel campaign to support Israelis who are currently in the line of fire including vulnerable populations. 
  • The Jewish Agency for Israel North American Council (JAFINA) - JAFINA’s Fund for Victims of Terror is a first responder when terror strikes, providing immediate assistance to terror victims, arriving with checks within 24-48 hours of an attack, and following up with long term rehabilitative support.
  • Jewish Agency for Israel - Jewish Agency for Israel is strengthening and supporting Israel’s Operation Iron Sword to address the most urgent needs while Israel is under fire and subject to acts of terrorism. This fund supports the victims of terror, new olim living in absorption centers under rocket fire, providing for elderly and disabled that are house bound and renovating shelters. To contribute click here.
  • Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund - The JCF has opened an emergency fund and is working with the Israel Trauma Coalition, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Jewish Agency for Israel to support victims affected by the war in Israel, helping to rebuild damaged infrastructures, and address trauma. Donate here, or through a donor-advised fund here.
  • Jewish National Fund - In the wake of the unprecedented, unprovoked, and devastating attack by the terrorist group Hamas on civilian communities in Israel, Jewish National Fund-USA has mobilized to raise funds critical to meeting the immediate needs created by the thousands of people being forced to flee and evacuate their homes in the shadow of war. Donate to the Israel resilience campaign.
  • UJA Federation of New York's Israel Emergency Fund - In the wake of heinous terrorist attacks, UJA is mobilizing urgently needed relief for the people of Israel. Emergency cash assistance for victims of terror. Critically needed trauma counseling. Care for children in shelters. Burial expenses. Funds to relocate people to safer areas.

Educational Institutions

  • Darca Schools - Darca Schools are committed to providing equal educational opportunities for youth and teens in Israel’s underserved periphery.
  • Dror Israel - Dror Israel educators are jumping into action to meet immediate needs by helping to support evacuees, providing youth counselors in bomb shelters and day care for children of hospital workers and other essential staff Donate to their emergency response campaign here

Helping Israelis Abroad

  • UnXeptable - UnXeptable is a pro-democracy protest group founded by Israeli expats in Silicon Valley is seeking volunteers to “host Israelis who are stuck abroad due to the attack on Israel.” To sign up to host, click here.

Israeli Social Services & Disaster Relief

  • Am Ehad - One People - This organization is actively transporting families from war zones, connecting them with host families and offering emotional support for the bereaved.
  • ERAN - Emotional First Aid by Telephone & Internet – ERAN is providing much needed mental health resources at this critical time. The organization is addressing Israel’s current metal health crisis by providing lifesaving “Emotional First Aid” for all citizens. Especially those traumatized by the war.
  • Leket Israel -  Leket Israel is a leading source of food rescue which focuses on delivering healthy food to those in need Leket Israel has swiftly launched emergency relief programs in the South. The Leket Stand With Israel initiatives were developed in collaboration with local NPOs and in response to direct requests from families in need and impacted business owners, addressing their most pressing needs. 
  • Lifes Door Gisha L'Chaim – The Hope Warriors Emergency Support Fund is providing the comfort and support the elderly and sick deserve, as they cope with anxiety during these difficult days. Hope Warriors are offering, assistance, medication, food and companionship.
  • החברה למתנ"סים ( Israel Association of Community Centers is looking to provide emergency aid packages to cater to the needs of several communities and regional counsels including Shderot and Mehavim You can learn more here.
  • NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief – NATAN is an Israeli based all volunteer non-profit NGO helping people rebuild their lives following natural and human made disasters. They are now operating a field clinic at a center for evacuees from the south of Israel. To support this initiative click here.
  • One Heart בלב אחדב - One Heart organizes a network of volunteers during national emergencies. Their team in Israel is working tirelessly to ensure all wounded are accounted for. they have been visiting multiple hospitals daily, reaching out to the thousands of wounded soldiers. Participating in Operation Swords of Iron will help support soldiers in need.
  • Open Your Heart for Israel - Pitchon Lev Humanitarian Aid Centers - This organization has launched an emergency aid campaign for southern residents, soldiers and other security forces. The campaign will support their coordinated efforts with the Center for Civic Aid (מרס"ל) to deliver goods and aid to residents and equipment to soldiers.
  • Rashi Foundation – Rashi Foundation is operating in emergency mode, assessing the needs of affected populations to provide immediate aid. The have established an emergency fund with seed money which will be used to assist the victims.
  • Sderot Foundation - This foundation is raising funds to help the Sderot community on the socio-economic periphery survive the war and overcome the trauma while the city still under siege.

Israeli Hospitals

  • Barzilai Hospital - This hospital in the south sustained rocket fire while serving patients. Over the past few days, it has been inundated with victims of the assault. Click here to support them
  • Shamir Medical Center (formerly Assaf Harofeh Medical Center) - Shamiris a teaching hospital in central Israel and one of the top clinics in Israel. To support their work as they attend to victims of Hamas click here.
  • Soroka Hospital - The Be’er Sheva hospital has been treating several hundred victims of the Hamas attack. The hospital started an emergency fund to further acquire much needed medical equipment. See the article in NYP.
  • Hadassah - The nonprofit’s hospitals in Jerusalem are treating civilian and military victims of the Hamas attack. They have created a fund to solicit funds for the current crisis. Give here.
  • Shaare Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem - The American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem is providing financial support to fund Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem services. To date they have treated many patients directly injured by attacks. The have also opened a mental health care unit for individuals suffering from shock and other emotional issues. Click here to support this important work.
  • Sheba Hospital - Sheba Medical Center staff are working around the clock treating the wounded and preparing to meet any medical needs that arise. The hospital is looking for support to help in the current emergency, every dollar you give today will be matched.

Emergency Responders


  • NATAL - Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War. This apolitical Israeli organization treats PTSD and other trauma related mental health issues related to war and terrorism. Donate here. 
  • Israel Trauma Coalition* - An initiative of UJA is the cornerstone in the national treatment of trauma and emergency preparedness in Israel and around the world. ITC is partnering with JDC and the Jewish Community and Endowment Fund to raise money for the 2023 Israel emergency fund.


  • Kfar Aza – A fund has been started to locate the missing and kidnapped and to help families with physical and emotional needs and to help rebuild the kibbutz.
  • Kibbutz Nir Oz Fund - Many residents of the kibbutz located on the Gaza strip were massacred, vehicles were burned and houses razed to the ground. The remaining families have been evacuated and desperately need support.
  • Kibbutz Holit – A fund has been created to aid orphans, the physically and emotionally wounded, and rebuild homes and businesses.

Military Support

  • The Association for Israeli Soldiers - Agudah Lema'an Hachayal - To show your love and support for the soldiers putting their lives on the line, you can choose to “adopt” a soldier or a military unit.
  • BEIT HALOCHEM – Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund - Beit Halochem USA-Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans is fulfilling its mission to care for Israeli servicemen and women wounded in the line of duty, especially those who have become disabled due to the current conflict.
  • Brothers and Sisters in Arms - Following 48 hours of efforts to accumulate and distribute aid from within Israel, Brothers and Sisters in Arms are now also raising funds from abroad in order to continue to provide much needed assistance. All donations will go towards procuring and distributing supplies to civilians and security personnel in the conflict zones.
  • Friends of Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) - FIDF supports men and women serving in the Israeli army, including wounded veterans, and the families of fallen soldiers. Tens of thousands active duty and reservist soldiers are on the frontlines now fighting hard to protect the Israeli citizens. They are in urgent need of hygiene and plasma kits. To donate, click here.  
  • Nevut – Lone Soldier Veterans Association - Nevut ensures that returning IDF Lone Soldier Veterans receive the critical support and resources they need to navigate a successful return to civilian life. Nevut is dedicated to supporting Lone Soldiers and their families. They are working to make sure soldiers have flights, gear and vital support. Donate to the IDF soldiers and reservists fighting in Operation Iron Sword.
  • Lone Soldier Center - The LSC provides a “home away from home” for thousands of lone soldiers each year – new immigrants, foreign volunteers and Israeli-born youth estranged from their families, many of whom are now on fighting the war against Israel on the front lines. Donations are being accepted via the Iron Sword Urgent Appeal.

Diaspora Community Security

  • Community Security Services – Protecting Jewish Institutions in America.
  • Community Security Initiative A comprehensive program created by the UJA and JCRC-NY to protect and enhance the security for the Jewish communities and institutions of New York City, Long Island and Westchester (recently expanded to Rockland County).

Media and Politics

  • Israel on Campus Coalition ( – This organization is standing up for Israel. Their mission is to inspire American college students to see Israel as a source of pride and empower them to stand up for Israel on campus.
  • Jerusalem Press Club - The Jerusalem Press Club is bringing voices from the field, analysis of experts and more information about the war. They are requesting emergency funds to expose Hamas barbaric attacks and create sustained support for Israel’s right to defend itself.
  • National Black Empowerment Council NBEC - The NBEC's mission is to empower leaders to work together strategically to close the systemic wealth, influence, and achievement gaps between African Americans and more structurally advantaged groups. They are helping to spread the message of support for Israel in US communities. 
  • Sixpointmedia - are connectors, creators, incubators, ideators, and facilitators. They are amplifying influential voices and creators to speak out and be heard, doing their part to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and all forms of insidious hatred.
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