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What a beautiful way to celebrate Shabbat & connect with one another!

Guess Who's Coming to Shabbas

Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas, an initiative new to CBS.  This is where hosts (from CBS) invite guests (also from CBS) who have not previously been to their home, all in an effort to continue building community.  Hosts may choose their guests or we can suggest guests.  Not everyone will participate every time, so if you hear folks talking about it please know that you have not been left out… we just haven’t gotten to you yet.  For example, on Feb. 8th, we had 7 hosts inviting about 35 people to dinner.  Our goal is that over the course of time we will include everyone as a host, guest, or both.  If you would like to be a host or a guest for an upcoming dinner, please contact Wendy Lenett or Elisa Hirschfield.

 Thank you to Robyn Fiel for sponsoring the 2018-19 GWCTS program in memory of her mother, our friend, Arlene Fiel, z"l

FAQ - Guess Who's Coming to Shabbas

I have people over for shabbas dinner all the time, how is this different?
This is different because the host deliberately invites some people who have not previously been to shabbas dinner at their home.
Why do I need to let the coordinators know who I’ve invited, and if they accepted or declined?
The coordinators will keep a record of who has been invited, who has attended and who has hosted a GWCTS dinner to avoid the same people getting invited to many dinners, while some folks don’t get included.  Our goal is for everyone to be a host, guest or at least have been invited for dinner.
Must I invite only guests who have not previously been to my home?
We realize that different hosts have different comfort levels with groups of individuals they have not previously hosted. Additionally, some guests may have not been to your home before but you may know them, and some hosts may invite people they have not met at all yet. If you are more comfortable including some previous guests and mixing in some new guests, this would accomplish the goal of your guests all getting to know someone new. This is fine.
As a host, do I select my invitees or do the coordinators select my guests?
This can be handled either of those ways. If you know who you would like to invite, let the coordinators confirm your suggested guests have not been to a GWCTS dinner yet.  If they have, it doesn’t mean you can not have them, but we would like to include folks who have not yet been a guest first, if possible. If you would like, the coordinators can suggest guests and you can choose from the suggestions. You can specify adults only or children ok, and you can share whether your kitchen is kosher or not, whether your dinner will be vegetarian, kosher or kosher-style.
What if my home is not kosher?
If your home is not kosher, you can determine if you would like to make a vegetarian meal or kosher-style (which can be kosher meat cooked in your kitchen, or non-kosher meat but no pork, ham, shellfish).   Whether or not your home is kosher, you can indicate if you are willing and able to accommodate vegan or vegetarian guests.
I have never hosted shabbat dinner, what is involved?
Food-wise, Shabbat dinner for this program can mean anything from traditional matzoh ball soup and roasted chicken to pizza by the pool.  Any meal you are comfortable preparing is fine, within the kosher, vegetarian or kosher-style options.  There are a few components we ask you to include and a GWCTS pamphlet will be provided to you and your guests to follow along for:
  • Candle lighting
  • Blessing the children (if applicable)
  • Kiddush
  • Handwashing
  • Motzi
Optionally, before candlelighting assemble your guests for a “selfie” or take a photo of the group, for posting or including on our CBS GWCTS photo album in the future.  It will be fun to look back on our dinners!
What if I can’t afford to have a group over for dinner?
If you can host a GWCTS dinner, but can not afford the food, there are a couple of options.  As with any dinner, when you invite your guests, you can say “having a pot luck shabbas dinner, please bring a dish to share”.  You can request a kosher dish, a vegetarian dish, or a specific dish, for example “please let me know if you can bring a salad”.  Alternatively, please let the coordinators know you’d like to host a pot luck dinner. The coordinators will suggest guests who have indicated a willingness to attend a pot luck dinner.
What if I can not fit a group in my home?
Please let the coordinators know if you would like to share shabbas dinner with other congregants in their home. The coordinators will find the right host for a group.  Indicate if you are able to bring a dish to share, if you would like to attend in someone else’s home.
How many people do I have to invite, if I’m hosting a GWCTS dinner?
As with any dinner, you would determine the number of guests are comfortable hosting.  The idea is for folks to meet you and / or other guests.
I’m a terrible cook, how can I participate in this great program?
If you just don’t cook, you can host a GWCTS pizza dinner, do a pot luck where you provide your dining room and others bring the food.  You can be a gracious guest, when invited to someone else’s home.
How do I sign up?
Choose one of the GWCTS dinner dates and email the coordinators at  The coordinators will work with you to get a number of guests and will provide appropriate help with invitation wording, if needed.
What else do I need to know?
Hosts receive a reusable GWCTS shopping bag as a thank you for hosting.
GWCTS provides challot for your dinner. This is another reason we need to know who has signed up. On the morning of your dinner, shopping bags with challot will be available for pick up at CBS. If that is not convenient, we will work out another arrangement.
Fri, May 27 2022 26 Iyyar 5782