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Donation Opportunities  

When you donate to CBS, you can choose to allocate to the fund(s) most connected to your passion. All donations are greatly appreciated. 

  • General Donations: A general donation is used for the overall running of the synagogue. These gifts are used for general needs, to keep the lights on, do repairs and other items necessary in the running of a synagogue.

  • Security Donations: All donations make a difference in our ability to make ongoing security upgrades in our continued commitment to safeguard CBS as a "sanctuary" space.

  • Lane Chesed Fund: Donations to Chesed are used to extend life-cycle support and services to congregational members in need. 

  • Kiddush Donations: Donations are used to provide the Shabbat Kiddush luncheon every week. 

  • Adult Education Donations: These donations are used toward supporting the year round calendar of adult education offerings. 

  • Religious School Donations: These donations help to subsidize the Religious School programs, supplies, crafts, books so that the cost of sending a child to our religious school would be affordable to all students.

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: This fund is used to help those in financial need, to make contributions to charitable organizations in the name of Congregation Beth Shalom and to pay for incidentals and items that the Rabbi prudently feels is a worthy cause.

  • Youth Scholarship Fund: This fund is used to subsidize sending our congregational children to attend USCJ programs such as youth conventions and Jewish summer camp, as well as participation in the March of the Living.

  • Rabbi Kenneth and Johanna Bromberg Adult Education Fund: This fund  supports the annual Scholar in Residence adult Jewish education weekend.

  • Performance Arts Fund: This fund was established to offset the expenses for performance art programming at Congregation Beth Shalom, including the production and presentation of live music, recordings, theater or film.




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